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"I'm like a bull in china shop. I'm here to shake up the room"

-Denette Covarrubias

(Aquarius, Life Path 33, Autistic, & Spiritual AF)

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Life Coaching 

  • Boundaries in relationships; including the one's with kids, parents, & even husband's without the pain that can come with setting boundaries.
  • Manifest your husband in less then 5 months 
  • Disciplined child, while simultaneously feel connected more then ever to them
  • Solve a problem that you have had for years once and for all, get to the real cause of it with self-compassion.
  • Double your Income
  • turn your hobbies into an income
  • Much, much more. Let's talk! 
How can self awareness help you

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Boundary Setting Classes

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Events In Milwaukee 

What to do in Milwaukee? Experience Live in-person practical coaching practices along with a witch's magic. Different folks for different strokes but we have different events in Milwaukee that combine goal-attainment with entertainment, & relaxation. 

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Psychological -Astrology Reading In Milwaukee, WI

How can Astrology help my life in a practical results-driven way?

Just like a picture of you is a scientific capture of who you are on the outside. Astrology is a scientific capture of who you are on the inside. 

Thank you Astro-Seek for the free Birth Chart Soft -Ware. 

More About Psychological-Astrology Readings Below: 

Vegetal Self-Aware People:

Remain at this level of awareness, eat, sleep, grow older, and reproduce. They are generally unaware of themselves and the people around them. These people are "happy" and tend to have the same problems and the same blessings their whole life. They run on autopilot, and circumstances and family generations don't change for them. The quote "Ignorance is bliss" would sum up this reality.

Animal Self-Aware People:

These people sense and perceive their need to change and are motivated to do so but lack the perspective and willpower to create their desired change. In other words, they are aware of themselves but prefer to live in "comfort" instead of change. They tend to ignore their desires and the red flags in their relationships and life-results. Often miserable but lie to themselves until they believe their lies; meanwhile, their soul is suffocating, but they learn to function by focusing on anything other than themselves. Or perhaps they give up and don't even try anymore. Their pain tends to manifest in low-energy, follow the crowd, physical illnesses, and lack of vision for the future.

Human Self-Aware People:

Those who reach this level of awareness have the power of rationality, which can help detect a change and implement the needed change for desired results. These people live in total awareness and don't fear self-expression to create a life they never thought possible. These people tend to be happy and live on the edge because they understand nothing is guaranteed and that life is full of rejection. Some succeed, and some don't. However, they rather die trying than not try at all, as they do not reduce the totality of life to the idea of "success." These people tend to be fulfilled, have healthy relationships, and lots of energy for different projects. They seem "talented," "blessed," or "lucky." However, they are not always "good" people in your perception.


My name is Denette Marie Covarrubias-Karimaghaloo. I have been obsessed with self-awareness for over 5 years. I became so obsessed that it eventually lead to the diagnoses of high functioning autism. 

I manifested my husband, Dr. Ali! On September, 23, 2018. I wrote on a piece of paper exactly what I wanted and got it, down to his date of birth!!  It's one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love being Dr. Ali's wife <33

I find my fulfillment in co-creating results.

Live Deeply,


What people love about working with me!

Dennector Reviews

"Yes, You could have judged me or misguided me but instead you loved me and helped me to loose all judgment for myself and others & to have forgiveness and understanding despite what I was feeling.

Desire Betancourt

Property realty owner, mother, wife, & scorpio

"I'm truly surprised by the tangible results and the rate at which they keep coming through! I did not imagine things could change and happen so soon for me, if ever. But here I am, blossoming with an inner happiness and joy that hasn't been felt since a child."

Joey Greenwood

Musician,Digital Marketing Agency Owner, Single, Dad, & Libra

Dennecting The Dots For Transformation

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