Hi, I'm Denette!

On this site, I teach you to manifest what your heart truly desires.

Disvantageous Backgroud

Made me look deeper and and harder for solutions.

No Stone Unturned 

We aim for true transformation that lasts

My Advantage Is I am Born Me

Become so full of yourself there isn't room for anything outside of you to fill a void. 

Hey, what's up? Glad to have you on this page cause I like to show people how far they can go by sharing my story. 

I am Denette. There are only a few things that motivate me in life.

  1. Live the wholeness & completeness God created me to be, regardless of what that may be. 
  2. Sharing that gift with as many people as I can.

Control Freak

By reading those motivations and watching one of my videos, you probably think I am an uber hyper extrovert. But honestly, it took me a long time to be okay with these motivations. It was much easier to do whatever my family and society were doing. At least then, I knew where my future would lead. I would be like the people around me and the generations before me. I am not saying that being like the people around me is necessarily bad. I do say, though, if I am doing, speaking, and dreaming like everyone around me. Am I alive or living?

I fought nature for a long time because I was stubborn and wanted to control things and the people around me. I tried to control love, relationships, how my mom should love me, how people should look at me, how people should act around me. OMG, I was a control freak without even realizing what that meant.

Living in Worry & Unhappiness 24/7 for 33 Years

The need for that control made me live so worried and unhappy that I tried to reach out and cling to possessions and people, and somehow I thought I could make them part of me. Like they belonged to me or without them, I was less than complete or whole. I think we can all identify with this to some extent.

Before I understood that my only advantage is me, I tried to find my gifts or worth in other stuff for 12 years.

How to transform my life Transformation that lasts
  • I was addicted to love and relationships. I used men to get what I needed and to make me feel better about myself. I jumped from relationship to relationship. 
  • I masked my pain with anything I can get my hands on, like pills & alcohol. I spent $3000 a month buying "stuff" to hide my pain.
  • I attained a bachelor's degree to climb the corporate ladder to get to feel worthy and smart. I thought titles and certificates are what made someone worthy.
  • I was attached to my family to the point of disabling because I couldn't be on my own.
  • I filed bankruptcy because I shopped so much for stuff I didn't even want to fill a void within me.

Started From The Bottom of Self-Love.

My dad was in prison, and my mom was subconsciously out looking for a man to replace him. Their frequent emotional and physical absence in my life means I was a vulnerable little girl without structure.

When I was 13, I met a smart 17-year-old boy who bought me and my sisters' food when we didn't have anything in our fridge. I thought control meant love because I didn't have any structure. So when he hit me for flirting, I didn't see it as grooming. I thought he loved me for giving me an identity.

After a full year of him controlling what kind of pants, underwear, and friends I could have, he suggested we go to Queretaro, Mexico. He told me my family didn't love me that my mom just wanted me there to sell me for drugs. (Though my parents were irresponsible parents, my mom tried the best she could as a single mom with mental illnesses). I thought it would be a good idea to leave for Mexico to "scare my mom into becoming a better mom." I thought we would be gone for three days, and the time turned into three years. My family never heard of me and thought I was dead for three years.

I share this story with you for a couple of reasons. I encourage you to share your story with as many people as possible, so it no longer controls how you feel about yourself. The other reason is I want you to see how far the Dennector process has taken me and countless others. As you can imagine, my upbringing and masking made me in a deep dark hole where I could have easily stayed, but I want to show you how far you can come. It doesn't matter where you are starting now; Dennector's Process can take you to the next level.

Besides Holistic modalities, here is a list of "experiments" I have done to understand human behavior and emotional attachment on a deeper level to feel complete and whole. 

  • I didn't consume anything but water for 7 days to understand emotional eating & boredom.
  • I made eye contact & and didn't move my sight with every stranger I walked by for 1 year to understood confidence in uncomfortable situations. 
  • I meditated for 100 hours in 10 days without speaking or making eye contact with anyone. 
  • I isolated myself from people and instead spent almost two years in nature to observe it and pay attention to my thoughts, and wrote down my observations. You can purchase what I wrote down here. 
  • I saw a psychologist for 1 hour per week for 104 weeks. Took notes on what they did, added uncensored creativity, and made products out of it. 
  • I attended group therapy and positive psychology groups for 3 hours per week for two years.

  • I performed oddly- behaviors to learn self-acceptance on a deeper level. 
  • I dated myself for 2 years with intense intention. Then I married myself in the mountains in Marin County, California. 
  • I have read over 40 books on Astrology, Numerology, mindset, & spirituality. This time spent learning doesn't count for Youtube Videos.
  • I shaved my head to understand how I feel about myself without hiding behind my hair.

Where I Married Myself

Meet The Team!

I am not the type of leader who wants to be the only leader. I wouldn't say I like hierarchy at all. I am a visionary trying to create a reality where everyone is utilizing their unique gifts to uplift their family and organization's consciousness level. Therefore, together, we boost the world's consciousness. Dennector has a fantastic team as of today, and we intend to grow that team. We are just getting started. Thanks to Dennector's process, we are unstoppable with a clear vision.

Mr. Hadi 

Psychologist, & Aquarius

I am a human first, a Psychologist second. I enjoy observing people and listening to them. I do this not to analyze but to understand them better because I have learned that analyzing a person can reduce their totality to my limited view. I am a Social Psychologist, and my area of expertise is the Psychology of Emotions. I see Dennector as an opportunity to take a walk with people in their path of life, share my knowledge and experience, and learn from them in return. I aspire to live up to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's quote: "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being."

Mr. Hadi received a bachelor's in Psychology in Malaysia then a Master's in Psychology in Iran. Because Mr. Hadi received these degrees in foreign countries, he is not a registered psychologist in the United States. Dennector is not a doctor or therapist. However, he has significant training in the functionality of emotions, emotion regulation, romantic love, and jealousy. He has many international awards, including two published academic articles in Psychology.  

Miss Nita

Ui/Ux Graphic Designer, Web Dev  & Scorpio 

Mrs. Nita loves combining creativity with technology to bring things that get unspoken about to the surface to transform ourselves from where we are now to where we would like to be. She is creative and coachable, handles all of our technology, and helps with side projects and future creations. She is my go-to girl.